The dentist

Education and further education

Birth year 1978

Born in Kassel [Germany]


School / College „Gymnasium Goetheschule“ in Kassel [Germany]


Studies of dental medicine to obtain the university degree in dentistry

Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen [Germany]


Obtaining a doctorate, the Ph.D. by a doctoral thesis,

in my case the german degree of a doctor of dentistry /

Doctor medicinae dentariae (Dr. med. dent.)

Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. P. Ferger)


Post academic university study to reach the academic title of a Masters of Oral Medicine in Implantology (MOM)

Westphalia-Wilhelms-University of Münster [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. W. Schmitz)


Post academic university study to reach the academic title of a Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery (M.Sc.)

International Medical College of Münster [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. U. Joos)

Course in periodontics (Dental plaque, tartar,

periodontal pockets and preterm birth)

Westphalia society of dentistry, oral medicine and

maxillofacial surgery in Münster [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. B. Ehmke / PD Dr. G. Petersilka)


Certificate course in „Competence in all ceramics"

Ivoclar-Vivadent company

International center of dental education in Hannover [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. M. Kern / Dr. M. Lenhard)


Curriculum Implantology from the college of dentists

of Westphalia-Lippe in Münster [Germany],

the german society of implantology (DGI)

and the german academy of practice and science (APW)

Conference Centre Holiday Inn in Frankfurt [Germany]

(Dr. J. Diemer)

Dental clinic „Tetsch“ in Münster [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. Dr. P. Tetsch / Dr. J. Tetsch, MSc)

University hospital of Dortmund [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. Dr. S. Haßfeld / Dr. C. Ullrich)

Dental clinic „Drüke“ in Münster [Germany]

(Dr. B. Drüke)

University of Witten / Herdecke [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. J. Jackowski / Prof. Dr. A. Zöllner)

Academy for continuing and further education in Münster [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. T. Weischer / Prof. Dr. M. Augthun / Dr. M. Stimmelmayr)


Course on bone regeneration in implant dentistry and periodontics

with alloplastic materials for bone replacement

RWTH Universityof Aachen [Germany]
(Dr. Dr. R. Smeets)


Course about the lift of the sinus maxillaris,

attachment of bone grafts and

bone apposition in the form of osteoplasty reconstructions

Department of maxillofacial surgery

of the Red Cross hospital in Kassel [Germany]

(Prof. Dr. Dr. H. Terheyden)


Course implant surgery techniques

SemmelweisUniversity of Budapest [Hungary]
(Prof. Dr. J. Barabás / Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Piffkó)


Course in oral surgery

Department of maxillofacial surgery and facial plastic surgery

of the university hospital in Leipzig [Germany]
(Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Hemprich)


Certificate course on bone augmentation procedures

Private dental clinic „Castle of Schellenstein“ in Olsberg [Germany]

(Prof. Dr. F. Khoury)


Intensive certificate course in Implantology

Trinon-Titanium company

Dental clinic „Ortho Implante” in

Santo Domingo [Dominican Republic]
(Dr. A. Valencia Laseca)


Certificate course in „Competence in Composites"

Ivoclar-Vivadent company

International center of dental education in Bielefeld [Germany]

(Dr. M. Lenhard)


Certificate course in periodontal surgery with

surgery exercises in open periodontal surgery,

periodontal plastic surgery and

minimally invasive dental papillae conservation

Karstens Hotel Luisenhof in Hannover [Germany]

(Prof. Dr. J. W. Kleinfelder)

Five years of experience in dental clinics in Germany before 2011.

 Since march 2011 independent and self-employed in my own private dental clinic in Puerto de Alcúdia (Mallorca). 

Member of the German Society of Implantology (DGI) und the German Society of Dentistry, Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery

Deutsche Zahnarztpraxis

Clínica dental privada alemán

German private dental clinic

Handy, Móvil, Mobile:




Behandlung an Werktagen (Montag - Freitag) nur nach vorheriger Vereinbarung eines Termins über WhatsApp, Signal oder per E-Mail.

Tratamiento en días laborables (lunes - viernes) sólo con cita previa a través de WhatsApp, Signal o por correo electrónico.

Treatment on labor days (Monday - Friday) only by appointment via WhatsApp, Signal or by E-Mail.

Adresse, Dirección,



Clínica Dental


Dr. Dirk Döring


Bisbe Pont 12A


E-07400 Puerto de Alcúdia

(Cas Vicari)

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