Treatments, prices and billing system

- Professional tooth cleaning

- Pariodontal treatement

- Composite layer fillings

- Removal of old and toxic amalgam fillings

- Crowns and bridges

- Minimally invasive implants

- Endodontics

- All type of prostheses, except total

- Anti teeth gnashing splints

The prices of all treatments are based on the official german charges of dentists. They are the rates of GOZ (German dental fee schedule) multiplied with the standard factor 2,3 up to the high factor 3.5 depending on the difficulty of a treatment.

Dental fee schedule (GOZ) 2012
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Important information for patients with travel insurance or private health insurance:

An invoice can be written on the base of that official german private billing system for dentists (GOZ).

You need to pay the invoice in advance and submit it then, to be translated and refunded, to your insurance company.

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Clínica dental privada alemán

German private dental clinic

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Behandlung nach vorheriger Termin-vereinbarung per WhatsApp, E-Mail oder per Telefon.

Tratamiento con cita previa a través de WhatsApp, E-Mail o por teléfono.

Treatment by appointment  via WhatsApp, e-mail or by phone.




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